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Minneapolis Decks and The Weather

How difficult is it to install decks in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis decks present a unique installation challenge because of our climate, but there aren’t many companies that can meet it. Here are some tips on the weather and how it may affect your new deck from our team at Twin Cities Deck and Fence.


In Minneapolis, we have all four seasons of frigid temperatures that can cause damage to any outdoor structure. One surefire way to protect new wood from the elements, for each new deck installation job, you must be sure to choose pressure-treated lumber instead of non-pressure treated wood. This will properly protect your investment against insects and rot due to moisture. It’s also vital during winter months as well as spring and summer so not having this form of protection could lead to dangerous results.

Is there any way to get around this?

The only way to avoid using pressure-treated lumber is by applying a high-quality deck stain prior to installation, but if you are building your deck in the winter months it may be too late for that because staining won’t last very long after it’s been exposed to the wet conditions for an extended amount of time so choosing PT lumber or paints can still save you from future problems. Another factor is the winter freeze and thaw periods. When temperatures drop close to zero degrees Fahrenheit, boards shrink which causes nails possibly loosening, screws popping out, even split wood at ends. This can cause cracking that will affect not just how much space there is between each board but the structural integrity of the deck.

How can we fix this problem?Minneapolis Decks

It’s advisable to wait until winter is completely over before installing decks, but if that’s not an option you can add a second layer of plywood under your boards or decking to add further protection and insulation for when these frigid temperatures hit.  This is only a temporary fix because when spring hits and temperatures begin to head back up, it will elevate how much moisture is in the wood and cause problems all over again. Depending on what climate you live in, seasons may vary more than in Minnesota where we see all four seasons very clearly with drastic temperature changes common throughout the months, so be sure you know what conditions your location experiences best. In the end, whether you choose to wait for warmer weather or use a temporary fix, safety should come first and foremost.

If we can’t avoid problems during winter why should we worry about Minneapolis decks at other seasons?

The answer is simple: Because this problem will happen year after year if it’s not dealt with correctly.

This isn’t just another deck installation process that has room for improvement, this is about protecting your investment from destruction and ensuring safety as well as preserving life for as long as possible because every new deck you install adds value to your property. Don’t let an improper installation take away from how much money spent on building your deck was worth. Not only does PT lumber protect against insects and rot due to moisture, but it also protects against termites and other destructive pests that can quickly take over your home.  Remember, Minneapolis decks add value to your property by increasing resale value when you’re ready to move on from your home!

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