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Custom Decks in MNDecks help create a place for homeowners to relax and entertain.  For most people, their deck is an extension of their living space.  Custom decks in MN can be designed to include features that are especially useful or appealing to the homeowner.  This guide will explain how adding a custom deck fulfills the homeowner’s needs for an outside entertainment space with features like extra seating, built-in grills, bars, fire pits, recessed lighting, and more!


Why hire a professional?

Experienced builders in Minnesota know what it takes to create attractive decks that last for years in all kinds of weather conditions. They also have the knowledge required to ensure local building codes are met by both the structure and any necessary permits. With over 60 years of combined experience, our team at Twin Cities Deck and Fence can provide homeowners with a deck that’s built to last.

Hire a professional who knows the local building codes and can save you time and money by ensuring all necessary permits are acquired before construction begins.

When thinking about adding a custom deck, there are several things to consider:


There are many Design Options

Your deck can be designed to include features that will fulfill your needs for an outside entertainment space including extra seating, fire pits, bars, recessed lighting and more! In order to determine the best design options for your home take measurements of your outdoor space as well as any property features like trees or slopes in yards. Then sit down with our staff designers to choose the perfect design options for your new deck.

Designing Your Deck

Custom Decks MN is a great place to start when deciding how to construct your deck!  Our staff of professional designers will work with you at no cost or obligation to help you design the perfect custom deck for your home. This involves taking measurements of outdoor space and creating sketches and computer renderings of different design options compared with existing features on the property such as trees and slopes. This process helps us create personalized designs that fit seamlessly into a homeowners yard and fulfill their wants and needs.  The best part is, it’s free, so take advantage before starting construction!

Materials Used Don’t Affect Cost

We are proud to offer quality products at affordable prices. Our team puts together estimates using materials from our preferred vendors which consist of highly reputed manufacturers known for their responsiveness, dependability, and solid warranties.  Decks MN provides customers with industry-leading warranties on all labor and materials used in the construction of custom decks to guarantee customers get what they pay for.

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