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You want to take a moment and think about the type of deck that you will build, or have built for your next project. You need a contractor that understands what it takes to complete a decent-looking deck, while still being able to get quality work at an affordable price. So, make sure you ask any potential contractor these questions before starting any deck construction in Minneapolis:

When it comes to deck construction in Minneapolis, many people are afraid of approaching a company for this project because they do not know what questions to ask. In order for you to get what you want out of the process Twin Cities Deck and Fence has put together a list of questions that fall into four main categories:

The first category is going to be all-important in narrowing down which companies should even be considered when doing business with. They are the questions that will determine if you and the contractor even see eye-to-eye in how you want to do things:


Do You Have a Design in Mind? If Yes, What is it?  If No, Do you have any examples we can look at?


What Type of Materials Are We Going to Use?     If Yes, Which Ones and Why Them? *Note – It’s important that your contractor thinks through this one before just saying “wood” [to include price range, pros/cons of wood v/s other materials] .  You don’t simply want red oak when oak might not be right for what you need.  On the same note, make sure they are willing to give you options within your price range.


How Will the Deck Be Surfaced?     *Note – This can mean many things, but it’s important to know what they are talking about here.  If they want to use Trex or PVC, is that something that you are okay with?  Wanting metal deck panel versus wood is another big difference; those could come into play as well.


What Kind of Maintenance Do You Want Done On The Deck?     It’s important to keep in mind that no matter which material gets used for the deck, there will be maintenance involved at some point (dealing with mildew and other such problems). How Long does it Typically Take For a Company to Complete a Deck Project?


This is another big one, but understanding this will help you determine what kind of job the company has done if they have had experience completing decks in the past. You want to be sure that they are talking about a process that you can get behind and support with your project.

Will They Be Using an Our-Crew or Sub-Contractor for This Project?   If Yes, Who Will Be Involved And What Will Their Role Be?     It’s important that you know who is getting paid, how much they are getting paid, and what role they play in the completion of your deck; otherwise, this could turn out poorly.

Do We Need Permits From the City for this Project?  If Yes, Why?     If the contractor tells you that “not for this project” or anything of the sort, be wary. This is a major part of making sure that you and everyone who uses your deck has a good experience (and that it’s safe). It is something that should not be overlooked by any contractor; it needs to be taken seriously.


The second category is all about how serious your company is about taking on the job: How Many Decks Have You Completed?  What Type?  Where?  When (Date)? What Kind of Reviews/Referrals Can You Provide From These Projects?  If Yes, How Many and For Which Jobs? Deck-Construction-Minneapolis

It’s important here to find out if they have done any decks before if you are looking to get a professional job completed.  You also want to make sure that they have done it in your area because some companies specialize in different areas and need experience with the type of environment you live in (humid, dry, cold).  Finally, try to find out what kind of reviews or referrals they can provide from these jobs. This will help you determine their professionalism and give you a way to gauge how satisfied others who used them were with their product/service.


The third category is going be questions that focus on timing: When Do You Think We Will Be Able To Start Construction? What Is Your Project Timeline? Can I See It?  If Yes, Please Send/Bring With You at the Meeting.

*Note – It’s important that your contractor is able to give you a timeline, because they will most likely be working on multiple jobs at once if they are looking to multi-task. This is something that should be used as a last resort if all else has failed, but it can’t hurt to ask; you want someone who can take care of your project in a timely manner. The final category covers what people need to know about permits and such: Do We Need Any Permits From the City for this Project? If Yes, Why? How Much Does it Cost For These Permits (Per Job)? What Is Your Process for Getting These Documents Passed?   Take note here also if the contractor tries to pass this off onto you or tells you that “not for this project”.  You need a professional who can get the job done 100% and handle everything.

At Twin Cities Deck and Fence, we want to answer all of these questions thoroughly so that when people are looking for a deck construction Minneapolis business they know what to look out for from start to finish. We take deck building seriously in making sure that each project is an experience people won’t soon forget (in the best way possible). Thank you for your time and consideration; we hope that our article works as a guide and helps promote understanding between you and our contractors.

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