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As we enter the winter season and Minneapolis’ infamous winters arrive, many people will be installing fences to keep their families safe and secure in their homes. However, before you do so, it is important to know which fencing materials are the most durable against the harsh Minnesota weather. Call our team to talk with the best Minneapolis Fence Company.

When selecting your fence for Minneapolis winters there are a few factors that need consideration such as – How long does this fence last? What is the cost of upkeep? Will this fence stand up over time when exposed to below-freezing temperatures with driving snow and wind? And finally how does this material handle ice and heavy snowfall accumulations?


The Answer: Vinyl!Minneapolis Fence Company fencing in winter


As an experienced installer with several quality brands of vinyl fences in stock at our Minneapolis Fence Company, we suggest purchasing a vinyl fence to help your family stay safe and secure in our climate. Vinyl is the most durable material on the market today and can stand up to some of the worst weather conditions known to man.


Vinyl fences are popular because they last longer and require little upkeep, so you won’t have to worry about spending money on constant refinishing or repainting projects. Another benefit of owning a vinyl fence is that oftentimes it has warranties for 5-10 years depending on which fencing brand you purchase, so if anything happens to your fence, there are companies who will fix or replace your fence no questions asked!


Minneapolis Fence Company frost on a fenceMost importantly, when buying a new vinyl fence, many manufactures offer heavy-duty brackets that allow vinyl posts to be attached directly to your home without having to drill into siding, brick, or stone. When snow accumulates on vinyl fence posts it will slide off the brackets because the brackets are at an angle that allows snow to run down and away from the fence.


When purchasing a new fence from Minneapolis Fence Company you might consider investing in a high-quality vinyl fence that not only performs well but also has warranties for 10+ years.

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